Practice Areas


We are committed to understanding your business to find the solutions best-suited for you. We care for our clients and value long-term relationships.

We offer a broad range of business law services, including:

  • Incorporation of federal and provincial companies
  • Contract review, negotiation and preparation
  • Corporate governance and fiduciary obligations for directors and officers
  • Negotiating, conducting due diligence review and completing both share and asset purchase and sale transactions
  • Application for business licenses, including liquor license

Real Estate

From residential to commercial, we provide a wide range of services related to property.

For residential real estate, we understand that buying a house is a major event in most people's lives. We will take you from having the signed agreement of purchase and sale to having the keys on the closing date. We offer competitive prices and will match any written quotes†. Once we receive your Agreement of Purchase and Sale, we will open your file and provide you with a complementary review of your agreement.

We offer solutions in the following areas:

  • Residential Real Estate* - including purchases, sales, and financing
  • Commercial Real Estate*
  • Mortgages*
  • Leases
  • Investment Sales and Purchases
  • Loan Agreements
†Price matching is available for residential real estate only. Price matching will not lower the quality of the services to be provided. However, every aspects of the written quote will be matched, including disbursements.
*It is not our practice to review contracts drafted by other lawyers (including Banks' lawyers) and provide Independent Legal Advice to a client.


We believe that immigration is more than just filling forms. As your immigration lawyerwe will guide and advise you throughout your application process.

We will work with you to gather the necessary information, documents, references, and prepare and present your application in the best possible light. Once your application has been submitted, we keep track of your application process, respond to any request for additional information and if necessary, prepare you for your interview. If your application is not successful,we will assess the reasons for denial and provide you with alternatives, which can include filing an appeal, making additional submissions or applying again.

Our services in the immigration law include:

  • Citizenship
  • Family Immigration Sponsorship
  • Temporary Visas (Study Permits, Visitor Visas, Work Permits)

Our practice does not include the drafting of invitation letters or commissioning of letters/documents prepared by clients.

Văn phòng không làm thư mời và sẽ không công chứng tài liệu khách hàng tự xoạn.

Tax Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Tax disputes can be scary, costly and time consuming for most. The most common mistake people make is the assumption that their accountant can offer the same protection as a lawyer when dealing with the CRA. When dealing with the CRA, hiring a lawyer at an early stage ensures that client communications are protected by solicitor-client confidentiality (whereas your accountant can be compelled to provide information and/or testify against you, if not engaged by your lawyer as an agent).

We can help you manage the audit process and represent you at every level of the tax audit, assessment, objection and appeal process. We have the know-how to properly prepare Notices of Objection, Notices of Appeal, respond to enquiries by the tax authorities. Whatever a client's tax dispute resolution needs, we have the ability and capacity to either resolve the tax dispute or to effectively litigate it before Tax Court.

We can help you with:

  • CRA Tax Audits
  • Tax Amnesty and Voluntary Disclosure Program (VDP)
  • Tax Court of Canada Representation
  • Unfair or Incorrect Tax Assessments or Reassessments
  • Overwhelming Tax Debt
  • CRA Collections Actions (example: bank account seizure, property lien, wage garnishment, etc...)
  • Taxpayer Relief Application
Please note that we do not file or prepare your tax returns. However, with your consent, a third-party can provide the accounting services.