KL LAW is not a typical or traditional law firm. We take a modern and dynamic approach to the legal practice.

We focus on the main issues of individuals, entrepreneurs, small and medium businesses who require real estate, immigration, family, tax litigation, and general legal counsel. We believe in the value of delivering legal services in a user-friendly, cost-effective manner. We understand the needs and challenges of entrepreneurs and small business owners because we are a small business too.

CONVENIENT – We understand how busy life can get, for added convenience, after-work and weekend appointments are available to fit your busy schedule.

FLEXIBLE FEES – Most of our services are priced on a fixed-fee basis. For litigation or complex matters, our services are priced on an hourly basis. However, we offer flexible arrangement where our fees can be fixed, hourly, or both so you can have options to make our legal services affordable.

APPROACHABLE – We aim to provide professional yet approachable service to put you at ease. We try to use plain language and avoid legal jargon as much as possible to make legal information easier to understand and uncomplicated.